The best habit tips

March 29, 2023
I can talk all day about the importance of habits!

That’s because they play a big role in you being able to:
Achieve your goals
Create positive change
Feel more in control
Start and grow your business

These reasons are BIG!
Implementing effective and sustainable habits is the key to all the great things you want to create for yourself.

But the caveat?
Habits are hard.

People struggle with creating and maintaining habits. When I say people, I mean all humans! You are not alone in this struggle!

So what helps us all to better manage this habit creating process?

Here’s my top 2 tips to creating a new habit (and I have at least 10 tips and counting!). I’m choosing two because you can easily implement one or two over the next weeks. (Keeping it actionable!)

Tip #1 Use friction
When we want to create a new habit, we want to remove the barriers and roadblocks as much as possible. Conversely, when we want to stop doing something, we need to increase the friction, make it harder to do.

How to implement this:
If you are starting a new habit, think about ways that you can make it easier to do. If it’s a task to do regularly, consider setting an alarm or reminder to do it. If it is exercise, prep your workout clothes in advance. Prep healthy food in advance. Set specific tasks and allocate them in your calendar. These are just a few suggestions on how you can remove friction to make it easier. Brainstorm s many ideas as you can.

Tip #2 Create accountability
The process of forming a new habit involves getting off track and not doing the habit for a period of time, before resuming it. Everyone experiences this. The best way to ensure that you keep getting back on track is to create accountability.

How to implement this:
Some of us are good at personal accountability and can hold ourselves to account. Most of us work best having others hold us to account. It works because humans generally do not want to disappoint someone else, nor look bad in front of them (maintain face). This is how accountability works so well when used correctly. Can you have someone hold you to account? Can you promise publicly  to do something? Can you work with a coach or accountability partner?

These are the best tips to implement when you start out on the habit-creating journey. Put these in place from the moment you start and you are much more likely to be successful in creating your new habit.

Need help getting started with this?
Consider signing up for our 12 week Foundational Habits Coaching Program

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