How to review your goals

December 14, 20220
Before we turn our eyes and expectations to a new year, there’s a place we need to go first. It’s highly underrated but really essential in creating the life and business that you want for yourself.
It’s time to revisit 2022 and review it.
Because it helps you see what went well and what didn’t.
It reminds you of significant events and the learnings that you have taken away with you. Review is essential in getting an overall picture of what happened in 2022 as this is how you got to where you are right now. And are you happy with where you are right now? Was this where you expected to be?
Reviewing your year in terms of personal and professional events and achievements provides significant insight and wisdom that you need to utilise as you move towards the next year.
There is no better time than now to review the year, before embarking on your new path next year. To simplify the process and get you started, I’ve provided past review questions for you to consider below.
It’s important to take the time to complete this exercise thoroughly, that way you will get the most out of it. So don’t try and squeeze this in before a gym visit and your commute. 
  1. Set aside a good hour or two of uninterrupted alone time. (By the way, alone time also means turning your phone to silent or off completely.)
  2. Select 4-5 of the questions in the list below.
  3. Take your time to reflect on each question and record your answers in a notebook or digital resource of your choice.
What were my top 3 accomplishments of 2022?
 Did I achieve the goals I set in my business/professional life this year? Yes/No 
Which goals were/were not achieved? Why do you think this is the case?
What is working well in my business/professional life?
What is not working as well as I’d like in my business/professional life? Why do you think this is the case?
What were my top 3 experiences of 2022? 
What were the 3 most important things that I learnt this year?
If I could go back and change things, I would… 
If I could sum up 2022 in 3 words, it would be… 
What I need to do more of next year…Habits or actions I need to DO MORE OF next year:
What I need to do less of next year…Habits or actions I need to DO LESS OF next year:
I think you’ll find that after doing this exercise you will have a better sense of what kind of year you’ve had and what changes you may want to make moving forward. This is a great position to be in! You will know very quickly if you’re on or off track or if your priorities have changed

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