How to define your UVP in three steps

July 4, 2023
Your unique value proposition (UVP) is your way of distinguishing your business from others that provide a similar product or service. It’s a powerful tool that you need to harness. When used effectively it cuts through and clearly conveys your message to prospects, so they understand what you’re about instantly.

So do you have a UVP and are you using it?

Defining a UVP for a business is a task you complete as part of a standard Business Plan and should be a part of your marketing plan. UVPs can evolve over time, so it is important – especially if you are starting out – to review it each year.

Let’s look at a few examples of a UVP:
Example 1
Our compassionate approach to family mediation is what sets us apart. We rebuild harmony and co-operation through our fully tailored program.”

Here we can see a clear benefit to the prospect being outlined: rebuilding harmony and co-operation. Also present is what makes the business unique: “our compassionate approach” and “fully tailored program”.

Example 2
“I help business owners stay on-track with their goals through coaching support that improves their time management, critical habits and business mindset.”

Example 2 similarly highlights the benefits to the prospect: staying on-track with goals. The uniqueness is “coaching support that improves their time management, critical habits and business mindset.”

So, two key components of a UVP are benefits and uniqueness.

Keeping this in mind, we can apply a three-step process to create your own UVP.

Step 1
Identify your ideal client
You need to have your ideal client in mind when you create your UVP. The UVP is really for them, to attract them. If you haven’t already defined your ideal client, they are your favourite client in your target market that you like to work with. They love your product/service and value it. They treat you with respect, are easy to work with and can afford to pay you.

Step 2
Identify your product/service benefits, value and uniqueness
You can do this by answering these three questions:
What are the benefits your clients will experience from your product/service?
What value are you really delivering? ie. the value from the benefits delivered
What is unique about your product/service?

Your UVP should be clear and succinct. Pull together your answers to the above and form 1-2 sentences. You may need to work on this over time and reduce the number of words you use.

Step 3
Review, test and optimise
Once you have created your UVP you need to test it. You can do this verbally while introducing yourself at networking events. This will also help you practice saying it aloud. You can also start using your UVP in your marketing messages. If you use split testing this could be a good way to assess how effective your new UVP is compared to other marketing messages.

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