7 Questions to help you create solutions

January 25, 20230

One of the best ways to find a solution to a problem is to gain a new perspective on the situation. In coaching this is what is known as “reframing”. You draw a new frame around the same circumstances to see it differently.

It’s a very powerful tool that I use in my coaching sessions with clients (and to find my own solutions when required!).

The magic is that once you have a new way of looking at the problem, suddenly you can see other options and solutions that had not occurred to you before.
Perspective is incredibly powerful in opening up options for you and it is quite easy to do once you have the right questions.

So let’s look at what questions you can use to help“ reframe” or gain a new perspective around a problem that you need to solve. I would suggest that you see which of these questions resonate with you and your unique situation and choose 2-3 to use to overcome your problem. You can ask this to yourself in your head and answer it, but it can be even more helpful to write/type out your answers to the questions. This will also act as a “declutter” for all the thoughts you have around this problem too!

Here are some reframing questions:
If there was a benefit to this situation what might it be?
This is a good one because it flips the situation on its head and asks us to look at it in a way we normally would not.

In six months from now, looking back on this situation, what is really important?
In the midst of what feels like a crisis, we lose perspective. Everything feels urgent and important. This reminds you that in time, some things will matter less.

Is there an option to do nothing and see what happens?
Sometimes we forget that we don’t always need to react and solve an issue immediately. It will depend on your situation, but a good question to consider.

What am I assuming about this situation?
We are almost always assuming something, usually about other people involved in our problem! It’s important to recognise these assumptions, as they are often not true and block you from finding a solution and prevent you from thinking clearly.

How have I dealt with this situation before?
Our past can offer us solutions, we just need to reach back into a similar situation we dealt with previously.

What parts of this situation can I genuinely control?
We are in much less control of things than we think and this is not a bad thing. It’s good to get a real handle on what we can genuinely control around our problem or challenge. Then we can focus on controlling that which will make a difference.

What advice would I give a friend in this situation?
This question helps us be more empathetic with ourselves but also creates some objectivity. A very useful question.

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