5 ways to avoid distractions

May 1, 2023
As a business owner it is easy to get distracted. One of the things I regularly help my clients to do, is stay on-track and on the priorities. This is essential in order to create the outcomes you want for your business.

Distraction is a very modern problem, but particularly I think it has always been an entrepreneur/ business owner problem.

Here’s why:
Business owners have a lot to do, it’s easy to get overwhelmed, or to try to do everything. 
Business owners don’t want to miss an opportunity and so it’s easy to suffer the “shiny object syndrome”, wanting to try lots of things.
Business owners are often creative types, who have ideas pretty regularly.
Business owners are always learning, particularly when starting out, and it can become a habit to implement everything you learn.

So as a new business owner, you should expect that being distracted is going to be a challenge at some point.

The good news is it is manageable. Implementing just a few practices will help you to remain focused and on your priorities.

Below I share with you 5 ways to help you avoid getting distracted:

  1. Review your goals and goal plan each week
This creates focus on the outcomes but also helps you to focus on the next step in your plan to achieve those outcomes. (Make sure you have a step-by-step plan)

  1. Catch and release
This is a good technique you can easily implement. When you come across a solution or an idea, you can practice catch and release. Basically this involves capturing the idea by noting it in your specific ideas/resources list, to come back to it later. The idea is not lost but you can continue doing what you were doing without getting off track.

  1. Unsubscribe
Take a look at all the emails that hit your inbox each week. Do they all relate to your current goals? Or are they distracting? If you haven’t read specific subscriber emails in 3 months, then that’s a sign to consider unsubscribing.

  1. Commit
Most business owners don’t have an issue with committing to hard work to achieve their goals. Commitment becomes a problem because we expect instant or relatively quick results. Right? The way around this is to set a specific amount of time that you will work on your current course of action to allow it time to generate results. As a rule, I’d increase your allocated time by 50% to allow enough time (we always underestimate the time required.)

  1. Finish a task before you start another
Being a business owner does require wearing a few hats and juggling tasks, however, it is important to not leave things unfinished. Unfinished tasks clog your brain, your office and your desk. Where possible try to finish something before you start another task.

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