3 steps to get you back on track with your goals

July 8, 2023
We are most certainly past the half-way mark for this calendar year. How are you feeling about your goals for the year? Do you feel on track? Still focused? Do you remember what your goals were? 🙂

Now is a good time to review and make the adjustments you need to, to ensure you do meet the targets you are aiming for.

It’s easy to get off track. In fact it is inevitable.

The key is to keep reviewing and checking-in as to where you’re at with your goals for the year. Now is the time to do that, to review your progress.

I have an easy 3-step process that will help you review and get back on track with your goals:

Step 1: Understand why
There are many reasons why you can get off track. Most are just “ life happens” moments. Things come up and you have to take time away from your goals. This is normal.

Other reasons however, may point to the need to tweak your goal. So, start by asking yourself the following questions about your goals:
Is the goal still relevant?
Is the time-frame realistic?
What specifically prevented me from being where I planned to be? Did a significant life event happen? Or did I just loose focus? Did I get better information that changed my approach?
Could the events that led me off track be prevented next time? How?

Step 2: Revise your plan
After answering the above questions , next you need to revise your plan. This will look different for everyone depending on what your answers were for the questions above. It could involve you changing your goal altogether, changing the time frame or just holding yourself accountable on a weekly basis for certain tasks. Decide on the changes you need to make and document them– write them down.

Step 3: Get going again
That’s it. With your new plan sorted, you’re ready to get back on track. Stay focused on your new plan and keep moving forward. It’s best to calendarise a check-in at regular intervals to see that you’re still following the new plan.

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